ConexUs Coaching

Relating with every person we meet, with every person we know.

ConexUs Group was founded in 1994 by Shawn Lyons who works with people in the areas of Personal Relationships, Business & Communications, and Health & Fitness through coaching and mentoring to offer insights that provide a direct experience for each person. The work provides the opportunity for guidance through personal experience which allows each person to enhance the quality of their life.

What is the purpose of education, learning or listening when it becomes preparation for more preparation without an intended result. You may ask yourself why are you are staying so busy with so much work. It could be that you are staying busy to fill the mind with information that will not be accessed often resulting in an endless thinking that helps you to avoid making decisions, support relationships or just be real through a heartfelt response. Whatever the reason the busyness will likely be very acceptable in our society where people are operating with an overwhelmed mind.

There could be competition with others in how busy you are at this moment and how the busyness of a full schedule can become an excuse. Think about how you may be using busyness  in a way that hampers your daily life.

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