Self-Awareness Development

Improve relating with every person you meet, with every person you know.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Shawn Lyons. I live and work in Boulder, Colorado. In a past life I was an educator, a mechanical engineer and a triathlete. My desire is now to support people in developing self-awareness as they gain a vision of their path of change.

I began working with people as a personal coach in 1992, many years before the introduction of Life Coaching. During this time I developed a Life-Coaching program that helps people become more effective in their daily lives. This self-learning supports you in business and personal relationships while enhancing your experience of health, wellness and fitness.

Self-awareness is the ability to recognize yourself and your state of mind at every moment. You are aware of your external environment, your physical body and your lifestyle. It is the self-examination and personal insight into recognizing how your past experiences influence your present day words and actions. This learning gives you insights into the motivations and behaviors of others.

Becoming more aware is the direct experience of what’s happening right now. You probably have noticed that when you are in a challenging discussion trying to recall knowledge from books and speeches is not so easy. Then there are the times of being in so much overwhelm that you are not be able to fully support your relationships. This is when having difficulty expressing feelings can cause confusion making life more difficult.

Imagine the relief to not be so exhausted and overwhelmed. Discover why you are staying so busy and what’s in the way of being able to handle the many decisions you are faced with each day. We cannot mindlessly go through life and try to make effective decisions which means it is necessary to become aware of what’s happening at each moment. 

 Experience more of your life-purpose as you gain a clarity of mind while departing from self imposed limitations and conditioned thinking. We are here to support you in gaining that clarity through becoming more mindful and aware in your daily life .

We look forward to hearing from you.