Relating with every person we meet, with every person we know.

Inspired by people improving their lives through deepening awareness Shawn Lyons founded ConexUs Group in 1994. His coaching and mentoring people addresses business, relationships and fitness including athletes in training and competition. Runners and Triathletes improve their quality of training while lowering their race times through applying the benefits of deepening awareness. You will develop awareness through coaching and guidance giving you the personal experience of enhancing the quality of your life.

You may ask yourself why are you are staying so busy with so much work, filling your mind with information that is keeping you in endless thinking. You now have a valid reason to avoid making decisions, not support relationships or avoid just being real through a heartfelt conversation. Whatever the reason, the busyness will likely be very acceptable in our society where people are operating with an overwhelmed mind.

You could be competing with others in how busy you are and how a full schedule can become an excuse. Think about how you are using busyness in a way that hampers your daily life.

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